To decide where to go, you need first to know where you are.

To determine the possibilities for growth, we evaluate both companies and their leaders. Using a combination of confidential conversations, surveys, research, and personality assessments, we surface what will advance company growth and what might stand in its way.

More importantly, from our assessment we generate recommendations to build the strategic strength of the company through its leadership.

Some examples of our work

  • Finance Department: BGC assessed the department and its senior executive in a medium-size organization for alignment with the goals of its new five-year strategic plan. Based on recommendations, a new Chief Financial Officer role and business model for the department were created.
  • Architecture Firm: BGC conducted assessment of medium-size firm experiencing an unexpected leadership transition. We surveyed the entire company, conducted focus groups, and interviewed individuals. Using the findings, we helped to create and implement a leadership transition, starting with the realignment of the remaining leaders and a transition plan.
  • Engineering Firm: BGC evaluated both the structure and strategy of the firm. Using that information, we worked with the company to restructure the firm along key business lines with its business strategy, as well as to create leadership opportunities for emerging leaders.

Individual and organizational assessments play a key role in:

  • Leadership Development
  • Succession
  • Strategy