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Communication Strategies

A fact of organizational life is that where there are people, there must be communication among them.

Communication—whether by word, gesture, or judicious silence—is the tie that binds people together to generate ideas and move them forward. It allows people to express thoughts, negotiate issues, sell concepts, ask questions, set direction, resolve disputes, and bring people together.

Most important, effective communication gives people the ability to listen and understand what others are actually saying and doing.

Successful leaders must master excellent communication skills. Without the ability to listen, ask, motivate, align and direct, a leader cannot lead.

Communication has been made more complicated by the increasing number of modalities beyond traditional face-to-face conversations, reports, and letters. The addition of e-mail, text messaging, Facebook, and others forms of informal networking has introduced a new level of challenge for company leaders to form clear, compelling messages that can be heard.

BGC works with leaders to:

  • Understand what actually is going on
  • Generate a clear, appropriate message and/or response
  • Choose the right audience
  • Choose the right time
  • Choose the right medium
  • Vet the responses to the communication

BGC helps leaders build tools and skills to:

  • Build trusted relationships with team members, staff, capital partners, and other stakeholders
  • Run an effective meeting
  • Create and give a successful presentation
  • Negotiate position successfully
  • Write a clear message
  • Collect information from all levels of the company
  • Facilitate processes that generate buy-in

Some examples of our work

  • Teaching: Julie Benezet taught "Communication Strategies for Corporate Real Estate Professionals" from 2004 to 2007 for CoreNet Global. She won Top Faculty Award each year.
  • Construction Management Firm: BGC worked with managing principal to negotiate the termination of a senior employee and to communicate the transition respectfully and effectively to the company.
  • Wealth Management Company: BGC helped Emerging Leader to develop a constructive and trusted relationship with Senior Leader to facilitate her eventual promotion to the senior leadership team.
  • Real Estate Development Company: BGC helped president of fast-growing company to negotiate strategic issues with large capital partner on matters of firm direction and management.

Communication strategies play a key role in:

  • Executive Team Alignment
  • Communication



Without effective communication a lot of great possibilities can be missed.

— Julie Benezet,
Founder, Business Growth Consulting