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Executive Team Consulting

Development and delivery of company strategies require strong alignment among its leaders.

Given the pace and divergent pulls of executive life, alignment is hard to sustain without conscious effort. Loss of alignment can result in conflicts among executive team members that lead to lost time, revenue, and the positive energy needed to grow.

We work with executive teams to bring them into alignment on their goals, expectations, and communication effectiveness.

Some examples of our work

  • Manufacturing Company: BGC worked with the CEO and COO/President to clarify their respective roles, develop communication skills to mediate their roles, and create better functional boundaries.
  • Public Relations Firm: BGC mediated conflict among partners of a firm that was losing revenue due to poor execution.We realigned the partners on the strategic goals of the company, restructured responsibilities, and facilitated improved communication among them.
  • Engineering Company: BGC led alignment work with a low-functioning senior project team to generate mutual trust, understanding, and agreements on improving performance. Our work produced individual development plans and team accountability that significantly improved performance.

Executive team consulting plays a key role in:

  • Strategy
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Team Alignment



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