Strategic Planning

A strong strategy lies at the core of sustainable company growth.

With a strong strategy in place, your company can develop the skills and attributes leaders need to deliver on it.

BGC works with organizations to develop their strategic plans. We take into account not only what you can and want to do in your competitive landscape, but also the feasibility of executing that plan. Essential to the process is the creation of a realistic implementation plan.

Once a strategic plan is created, we support its execution with ongoing leadership team consultation to sustain alignment on the goals, remove barriers to execution, and maintain momentum.

Some examples of our work

  • Avionics Company: BGC led the development of a strategic plan, taking into account a wide range of active business opportunities and initiatives, a globally distributed management team, and a complex industry environment. The new vision, mission, and strategic goals sharpened the focus of the leadership team, energized execution, and strengthened the communication among team members.
  • Global Real Estate and Facilities Department of Fortune 500 Company: BGC worked with the senior leadership team to create a new strategic vision to realign business objectives following an organizational restructuring from a decentralized to a centralized global organization.
  • Engineering Firm: BGC directed the effort that produced the first strategic plan a medium-sized firm had done in eight years. We worked with the firm to implement the plan in twelve months.
  • Nonprofit organization: BGC helped to create a strategic plan for a 30-year-old nonprofit state organization with 130,000 members. Our work included converting operating plans into concise strategic goals and raising board involvement to a more strategic level.

Strategic planning plays a key role in:

  • Strategy
  • Leadership Development