Succession Planning

The long-term health of a company requires its leadership to evolve.

The longevity of a company requires not only that its executives grow through various roles and levels of responsibility, but also that there is a pipeline of future leaders to carry on the business as the senior executives move on.

We work with companies to develop and implement leadership succession plans for both the current and the up-and-coming leaders.

Succession planning occurs at all levels of the company. BGC focuses on the senior leadership triangle—those moving toward the top positions in the company (Move Up), those in the top positions (Move In), and those who are moving out of the company either to retire or pursue other challenges (Move On).

BGC works with companies to develop their senior leadership strategy. We help you decide who should lead and when and how they will get there.

For those who are either moving into or working in the top leadership positions, we work on their strength as leaders. For those moving toward retirement or other challenges, we help them reach closure on their legacy and construct a roadmap to effect an orderly transition.

Some examples of our work

  • Engineering Firm: BGC performed an emerging-leader assessment to determine whether there were internal candidates available to take on the senior leadership or whether other alternatives had to be considered. The assessment led to re-organizing the company to train future leaders and to bring in senior leaders needed to fill functions not covered by the internal talent pool.
  • Technology Firm: BGC facilitated resolution of leadership transition between a new CEO and the former CEO who had become chairman of the board of directors.
  • Investment Advisory Firm: BGC worked with the founder and senior officer to develop and implement a succession plan that took into account a two-year transition, his personal needs during that time, and what he wanted to achieve in his remaining two years.

Succession planning plays a key role in:

  • Leadership Development
  • Succession
  • Executive Team Alignment